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Read our case studies to learn how DriverNet creates solutions and helps clients to transform their operations

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Case Study 1: School Transport

Coordinating transport for schools and colleges

DriverNet partnered with the college to demonstrate how the management portal can be used to live track their buses; a user facing app would enable students to both watch the bus journey in real time, while also having the ability to check in with a digital bus pass.

"An app that would allow me to live track the bus would improve my commute massively" - T.D.S St Helens College Student

User Case 2: Household Visits

Coordinating Community Nurse Home Visits

As of February, our system has been used to coordinate NHS and primary care network teams to deliver vaccinations to patients in their own homes; saving time, money and improving safety, compliance and reporting.

"Navigating­­­­ me from patient to patient, grouping them all close together and calculating my expenses was a massive help" - Rebecca Morgan, Advanced Nurse Practitioner

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User Case 3: Community Deliveries 

Coordinating Deliveries To Homes & Local Businesses

The system has helped St Helens Council, Age UK, E- cargo bike delivery companies, cycle couriers and housing associations to help deliver school dinners, prescriptions, food parcels and PPE to the vulnerable across the UK.

"DriverNet saved us a LOT of time planning home deliveries and got us set up at very short notice"- Beate Kubitz, Founder, Cargodale E-Cargo Bike Deliveries

User Case 4: Security Patrols

Coordinating Security Patrols and Lone Worker Operations

The system has helped St Helens Security better organise their security patrols through route optimisation, clearer communication channels to support lone workers, and overall more secure paperless system.

"DriverNet brought our security operations in to the 21st century, it completely removed the need paperwork, automates our management reporting and improves lone worker safety. I wish we had bought it years ago "- Paul Molyneux, Deputy Manager, St Helens Security


User Case 5: Patient Shuttles

DriverNet Partners With NHS

DriverNet partners with NHS to increase vaccine uptake through the use of its smart transport technology. 

DriverNet is working with NHS Trusts and community transport operators, to co-ordinate free door-to-door minibus services to help hard to reach patients get to vaccination centres.

"The door-to-door service will remove transport barriers for those who haven't yet come forward for their vaccine" - Julie Ashurst, Director of Commissioning, St Helens CCG

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