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E-CARGO BIKES | Cargodale

The Challenge

Launching during the Covid19 pandemic, Cargodale needed to ensure deliveries were swift, reducing facetoface interactions.

Vehicle checks, proof of delivery, and other reporting meant lengthy administrative tasks, while all of these being done through a paper-based system created GDPR breach risks and clashed with the company’s beliefs and environmentallyfriendly ethos.

Because Cargodale operate in rural areas, there were safety concerns for lone riders and it was difficult to give customers an accurate delivery time.

Setting up delivery rounds; finding addresses; staff welfare; allocating resources correctly all of these are issues not just in bike delivery, but in the logistics industry as a whole.

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The Implementation

-Riders trained on using the DriverNet app, which they can use on their mobile phone.
-Route organisers receive a list of delivery addresses from local businesses and input them into the app where they are optimised, and a route is created.

-Riders follow route using their mobile phone.

-Riders use app for all documentation including proof of delivery and vehicle checks.

The Result

Using the DriverNet platform to coodinate delivery operations ensured Cargodale’s riders’ routes were optimised to be efficient, saving time and reducing facetoface interactions, allowing for seamless contact free deliveries.

Live tracking and inapp messaging has enabled management to ensure driver safety whilst giving accurate updates to local businesses and customers, enhancing partnership and customer satisfaction.

Since using DriverNet’s smart mobile operations management system, Cargodale have been able to eliminate unnecessary paperwork, reducing their carbon footprint, improving personal data security, and reducing time spend doing aministrative tasks.

Cargodale has now been able to expand to cover Halifax and Sowerby Bridge, and has added bigger capacity bikes.

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