Case study

Education Transport

St. Helens College School Transport

The Challenge

St Helens College partners with transport providers to help students attend their classes. However, students often need to find alternative transport due to transport being late or failing to arrive. The College is both having to fund the transport they are trying to provide and refund the alternative transport used. The lateness/no-showing of transport has also created safeguarding issues with potentially vulnerable students having to make their own way home, often without the knowledge of parents.

“I have been late before due to having to leave the bus stop and make my own way into college because I was unsure if the bus would turn up or not” – St Helens College Student

0 %
of students surveyed claimed they have been late due to the bus being late or no-showing
0 %
of people feel the DriverNet app would improve their journey

The Implementation

-Drivers trained on using the app, which they can load on their phone.

-DriverNet employee demonstrates the user facing app to students.

Students download user facing app for use throughout the journey

The Result

The DriverNet management portal allowed the college to efficiently live manage its fleet, and see the driver check in at each stop in real time, ending college, passenger and transport disputes on arrival times. The user facing live tracker was said to improve 70% of students journeys. A further 30% of students surveyed rated it as an 8 higher on a linear scale. After a preview of the app, 80% of students stated they would use the app and felt that the live tracker would improve their experience. The transport provider also felt the benefits of the app, believing it would help them better understand size of vehicles needed to help combat driver shortages.

“The tracker is a good idea as it means I can see where the vehicle is up to so I don’t leave the stop and find another way to travel in” – Student St Helens College

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