Coordinating Group Travel

DriverNet is a smart transport management system that enables businesses to easily coordinate and facilitate group transport to events, activities, appointments, and amenities.

How DriverNet Works:

Your Business

  • Build & Optimise Routes
  • Book Passengers
  • Assign Drivers


  • Route & Journey Planner
  • End to End Navigation
  • View Passenger Information


  • Booking Confirmation

  • Journey Alerts by app or SMS

  • Message Drivers

Management Portal

  • Build routes for events
  • Book passengers to routes
  • Notify passengers of bookings
  • Assign drivers and vehicles
  • Real-Time Map & Tracking

Passenger App

  • Booking confirmation & reminders

  • Arrival Notifications (App)

  • Arrival Notifications (SMS)

  • Used by passengers or carers

  • View vehicle location on a map

Reduce Travel Costs

Saves on cost by reducing the amount of individual transport needing to be provided


Reduces the amount of single passenger transport needed, improving sustainability efforts

Tackles Isolation

Allows Housing Associations to book multiple people on events, helping re-engage their members with society

Safe Group Transport

Group Transport that is safe and secure via the ability to live track, receive message notifications, and the use of geo fencing.

Access to Opportunities

Community partners are able to grant their clients further access to opportunities, by removing transport hurdles.

Utilises minibus providers

Allows Housing Associates and other community partners to connect with local minibus operators providing mutual benefits for everyone

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