Transform Your Employee Communications  

Take Employee Engagement to the next level with a platform to launch operational messaging and and internal communication strategy.  

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Message all your employees anytime, anywhere 

One channel for operational updates, system notifications and more. Message individuals, groups or broadcasts which can be read anywhere at your employee's convenience


Use video to boost understanding and engagement levels

Use video briefs, tutorials and guidance clips to Improve the effectiveness of communications and develop stronger relationships with your people. 

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Launch your internal communication strategy

Keep staff engaged & informed with business updates, news & management video briefs and extend the reach of your intranet channels.  



Monitor & manage employee feedback and insights 

Get actionable data and insights on workplace experiences, wellbeing & satisfaction levels and

signpost people to support services when they need help.

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Capture critical information 
with end of duty debriefs

Capture operational information that improves safety and service levels and makes your people know they are heard. 



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Recruitment & Retention

 Monitor satisfaction & wellbeing levels and provide feedback channels for employees 

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Audit Compliance

One central cloud based platform to store documents, records and generate expiry reminders

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Sustainable & Paperless

Replace spreadsheets, print-outs, phone calls & post-it notes

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Engagement & Performance

Increase engagement, performance and safety with video and audio briefs & updates

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Saves Time & Money

End to end Automation save hours on day to day admin & comms 

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Reports & insights  

Provides a full suite of standard and bespoke reports,  & insights from comprehensive data sets.

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