Customisable reporting & checklists for your business

Easy to customise reports & checklists for managing your key reporting processes in one digital solution.

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Customisable checklists to boost task management 

Turn manual tasks or paper checks into customised digital checklists providing real time updates of checks or non compliances.  

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Log and Manage customer service tickets 

A fully Integrated reporting platform that streamlines end-to-end raising of tickets, investigations & issue resolution and exports reports to direct to customers

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SOS channels for lone workers, breakdowns & accidents

Dedicated channels to report incidents and notify stakeholders to keep your people & vehicles updated safe in the event of an emergency.


Confirm deliveries & passenger movements in real time

Provide real-time proof of delivery reports or confirmation of collections & drop-offs to streamline invoicing, and investigations and boost compliance. 

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Report accidents and capture details in real time 

Safely report accidents & damage and capture the information required to reduce management investigation time, claims, payouts and insurance premiums.


Easily Manage vehicle safety
checks & report defects 

Customised vehicle checks for your business, store records online & easily report and manage defects. Get automated reminders when inspections, checks and certificates are due or expire

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          Convenient & Time saving

 Significantly reduce the time it takes to report and escalate issues or investigate incidents or accidents 

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Legal Compliance

Vehicle safety checks must

be fully completed before route details or navigation can be accessed.

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Sustainable & Paperless

Replace spreadsheets, print-outs, phone calls & post-it notes

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Defend claims 

Capture all the data you need in real time to increase capacity to successfully defend claims 

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Employee & Public Safety 

Make sure your people are safe and your vehicles are recovered or repaired in minimal time. 

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Reports & insights  

Provides a full suite of standard and bespoke reports,  & insights from comprehensive data sets.


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