COVID-19 Response: Smart and Secure Deployment

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have worked with large and small businesses to help them coordinate their front-line operations in safe, secure and efficient ways. DriverNet has been used by St Helens Council, Age UK, food redistribution companies and small businesses to coordinate deliveries of emergency food supplies, school dinners and prescriptions, as well as security patrols of sites left empty during the restrictions.

We are now launching DriverNet to coordinate home visits by volunteers and health and social care professionals working in the field or performing tasks for the vulnerable. Our system will enable them to gather crucial data on mental health, physical wellbeing, food or sanitary requirements, or COVID-19 symptoms, and feed this straight back to central teams.

In addition to providing customers a system to plan, track, dispatch and message teams in the field, DriverNet also offers a powerful strategy for businesses to operate in smart, safe and secure ways during the lockdown and after restrictions are lifted:

Safety & Compliance

DriverNet provides businesses deploying teams in the field to use GPS to fully track, trace and timestamp travel times, arrivals and departures across every journey.

SMS notifications or voice messages notify customers or their families ahead of every arrival, providing peace of mind and removing any delays faced waiting for customers to attend.

Security & Data Protection

DriverNet securely stores names, addresses and highly sensitive delivery information such as access codes to the houses of the vulnerable. It allows users to access confidential information only at the point of delivery or arrival and securely send messages within the platform.

Contact Free Operations

Dispatch and debrief staff, capture start and finish times and communicate with your teams through our app, removing the touch-points when teams report for duty or are provided with paper manifests that have to be handed in at the end of the day.

If your business or any other that you know operating on the front lines can benefit from our services, please get in touch.

We are here to help.

The DriverNet team

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