Logistics & Couriers

DriverNet enables delivery operations to effortlessly schedule shifts, seamlessly plan & optimise routes, track locations, navigate precisely & monitor progress in one user-friendly system.

Coordinating Courier Operations

DriverNet optimises courier operations across all operational processes: customer tracking, POD’s, vehicle checks, issue reports and more.

Managing E Cargo Bike Deliveries to all homes & businesses

Take your E Cargo company, and cycle courier operations to the next level with DriverNet: improve communications, optimise route planning and navigate precisely.

Optimising domestic & international Freight and Logistics operators

Connect operators and drivers together in real-time, speed up communication and capturing PODs using: internal messaging, voice notes, and incident reports.

Supervising last-mile deliveries to every customer

Improve delivery processes for your teams: precise navigation, tracking, route optimization, pre-trips, POD’s, issue reports, etc.

Systemising your Recycling & Waste collection operations

Build optimized routes for your teams to improve their daily performance using our precise navigation and automated planning system.

Automating on-time deliveries precisely to Construction Sites

Manage accurate and on-time deliveries to construction sites using our pinpoint mapping, and precise navigation.

What Our Customers Love About DriverNet

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