Plan new routes in seconds or import your existing routes

Save time and money through optimising your routes with DriverNet

Import Routes as a file

If you have been operating with spreadsheets and printouts, there is great news – DriverNet can replace both with a user-friendly app that can import all your existing routes via a csv upload. This means your routes are uploaded in seconds, and sent directly to your drivers’ devices

Stop Notes & Attachments

Stop notes can be recorded along the route, providing useful management information about the deliveries and any attachments can also be uploaded.

Stop Profiles

All of the information about the delivery points are accessible through the Stop Profiles – opening hours, recommended approach, point of contact and more.

Check-ins or auto complete stops

Select options for drivers to manually check in and then complete stops to record duration times, or use auto complete to remove the need to check and record arrival and departure times using geofences and device locations.

Set stop durations

Select an average stop duration so all stops within a route can be automatically calculated.

Route Planning & Navigation

Easily import a master schedule of routes, or import from spreadsheets or files exported from external planning or routing systems. Use our precision navigation once the route has been optimised and uploaded to the driver’s mobile device.

Plan all your routes with ease, especially those you already have in spreadsheets or in other applications. DriverNet can import the routes easily in csv files or you can manually enter routes, including drop off points and estimated times of arrival.


Retain more, Recruit less

Monitor satisfaction & wellbeing levels with daily feedback channels for employees 

Powerful insights & Analysis

Access valuable analytics on your people and make data-driven, strategic decisions

Lower Admin Time & Costs

Automate time-consuming desk duties, increase productivity and lower costs

Boost compliance & Data Security

A secure cloud-based platform to control all your employee documents & records.

Drive Engagement & Performance

Increase engagement, performance and safety with the latest technology and tools

Efficient & Sustainable Solution

Replace spreadsheets, print-outs, and phone calls with our paperless system

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