DriverNet Wins Climate Change Grant

DriverNet and St Helen’s College have won a Climate change grant from St Helens council to launch a new smart delivery network across the town.

The grant was created in response to St Helens Council’s declaration of a climate emergency, and their commitment to achieving zero-carbon status by 2040. Achieving zero carbon status is one of the many things currently being discussed by the world leaders at COP26

The funding will be used for the purchase of a Peddlesmart Flexiquad and e cargo bike, which will use DriverNet’s app to make deliveries to residents across St Helens and Earlestown centres. St Helens college business faculty, and students will project manage the scheme, providing local businesses with free access to the fleet and our app.

The students will also calculate carbon savings for businesses, if they were to opt for electric powered vehicles.

Phase 2 will also use the Flexiquad + passenger carriage to move people with mobility challenges from the rail and bus stations to places across a soon to be regenerated pedestrianised town centre area and waterfront.

DriverNet transport management system aims to continue finding innovate ways to help combat climate change, while bringing businesses into 21st century

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