A sustainable and equitable future for transport

At DriverNet, we believe in a smart, sustainable & equitable future for our people, partners and the transport sector.

Our Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance policies reflect our values and vision.

Our Commitment


Guide our customers to operating in more efficient and sustainable ways. See our Road to Net Zero for more details about how we can help businesses become carbon neutral.


We aim to use our technology promote the transport industry to new generations of workers, help new businesses to grow, allow disadvantaged people with more equitable access to opportunities.


An ethical company and technology partner, operating with honesty and integrity, based on community and strong social values at our heart.

1. We are a Technology Partner with a Sustainability Mission

From reducing operational road miles and emissions to removing paperwork, enabling employees to car pool to commute, providing accurate final mile navigation, or simply helping promote the use of EV fleets.

Our background in the industry means our technology goes beyond creating day to day efficiencies, helping our customers provide more sustainable operations and transport options for their employees.

To find out more about our sustainability mission and free consultancy, please visit our Road to Net Zero page, and blog ‘DriverNet’s Road to Net Zero.’

2. We work with sustainable and ethical partners

From sourcing local printing companies, purchasing refurbished office furniture, recycling our IT equipment, partnering with local recruitment agencies, to using hybrid test vehicles, we take whatever measures we can to reduce our carbon footprint.

Image: Photo by Colin Lane

3. We develop local talent and promote the tech industry

For the last four years, we have worked closely with employment schemes run by local authorities, chambers of commerce and the DWP kick-starter apprenticeships, often giving people their first opportunity to work in a technology business. Three of these have gone on to become Full Time Employees, with three more on the way.

Also, we volunteer our time providing free tech tutorials to disadvantaged pupils, talks on business and technology to local students, and donate our old laptops to Coding camps for disadvantaged groups.

4. We prioritise safety for our customers and their employees

Our technology was designed with operational and personal safety of our customers, their employees and the public in mind. SOS channels help our users report accidents, near misses, breakdowns or lone worker emergencies, whilst vehicle checks and risk assessments help avoid risk in the field, and wellbeing checks allow employers to monitor driver mental health.

We pride ourselves on helping our customers build a bottom-up safety culture, protecting lone workers and enabling customers to signpost employees to support services.

5. We help businesses to grow & increase access to opportunities

During the Covid pandemic, we were recognised by the United Nations Development Programme for providing our technology for free to volunteer delivery companies and Age UK. We are proud to say that two of these groups have gone on to establish themselves as companies, and are now customers of DriverNet.

Our recent project funded by European Space Agency will introduce a transport and events marketplace that provides disadvantaged groups with low cost, group transportation, improving access to employment, healthcare and leisure opportunities, as well as tackle social isolation and inequalities and reducing car or taxi journeys.

6. We are an ethical business

We operate with honesty when working with all our partners and stakeholders.

DriverNet has multiple policies designed to keep the organisation ethical and transparent; these include “Anti Bribery and Corruption”, “Anti Fraud”, “Equality and Diversity”, “Whistleblowing”, “Modern Slavery and Trafficking” and many more.

Our corporate governance is kept relevant with regular reviews, in line with the needs of our stakeholders of today and tomorrow.

Latest Projects

We combine the power of our people, technology and contacts to support social value projects at home and abroad, under our banner ‘Transport for Good’