Streamline HR & admin with one paperless platform

Manage all your information and HR processes in one solution.

Streamline HR & Admin
Streamline Your Onboarding & Training Processes

Streamline Your Onboarding & Training Processes

Welcome new recruits, send and e sign contracts and deliver inductions & training with a professional HR platform.

Manage all your information in one employee directory

Store, send and share files and easily search for records, certifications, reviews, documents, licenses and more. Receive automated reminders to complete tasks and be audit-ready every day.

Manage All Employee Information in One Directory
e-signature features

E-sign your business documents and briefs

Easily send and add e signatures to documents in seconds. Completely remove the need to print, sign, scan, send, post, file or archive paper documents ever again.

Monitor & Manage wellbeing and satisfaction levels

Provide daily feedback channels to improve issue resolution, job satisfaction or signpost employees to support services.

Private ambulance transport
Driver messaging

1 to 1 meetings & employee notes to manage performance and progress

Set targets, monitor progress, provide feedback and record notes for investigations, evaluations and more to boost personal development
and performance.

Recognise and reward performance and service

Motivate and engage your teams, develop stronger relationships, and boost retention with recognition and award schemes.

In App Kudos Rewards


Retain more, Recruit less

Monitor satisfaction & wellbeing levels with daily feedback channels for employees 

Powerful insights & Analysis

Access valuable analytics on your people and make data-driven, strategic decisions

Lower Admin Time & Costs

Automate time-consuming desk duties, increase productivity and lower costs

Boost compliance & Data Security

A secure cloud-based platform to control all your employee documents & records.

Drive Engagement & Performance

Increase engagement, performance and safety with the latest technology and tools

Efficient & Sustainable Solution

Replace spreadsheets, print-outs, and phone calls with our paperless system

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