Easily manage vehicle compliance with DriverNet

Securely and automatically store pre-trip checks to the cloud. Your checks are fully customisable, but always include the mandatory checks as required by law.



Pre-trip checks

Pre-trip checks are mandatory checks that must be completed before every journey in a commercial vehicle. Our app lists all of the checks and allows your drivers to send the completed checklist electronically. Reducing reliance on paper and the risk of documents going missing.

Document storage

All of your pre-trip check and other documents are stored in the cloud, for the minimum period required by UK law of 15 months. The documents are secured by enterprise level encryption, but are readily available to you.


Defect recording

When errors and defects are reported, their severity can be evaluated and the vehicle can be taken off the road until repairs are completed – keeping your business fully compliant.

Licensing and certification

In addition to the pre-trip safety checks and other documents, our system tracks the renewal dates for vehicle insurance, MOT and servicing, providing reminder ahead of time so you aren’t caught out by any surprises.


Vehicle management

Vehicle management is a compulsory process and the documentation supporting the checks must be stored for a minimum of 15 months. In the event of an accident, the insurers and potentially the police will demand such records are made available to them. Failure to provide such records can result in heavy fines.

Our system provides your drivers with a checklist for them to complete as they go around the vehicle. They simply have to inspect the function of the vehicle parts on the list and confirm they are in working order. This report is then sent directly to the management dashboard and the results can be stored in the cloud.

As well as this element of compliance, regular vehicle checks allow for small vehicle defects to be identified and addressed early, before they grow into larger problems.

The final bonus of this system is the reminders that can be set for the expiration of licences, MOT certificates or any other commercial licencing requirement.


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