The Road to Net Zero

How We Help Transport Operations Become Carbon Neutral

When you launch any of the DriverNet platforms, we go beyond simply saving time and money for your business. We also help you take huge steps forward in reaching carbon neutrality.

See how our Road to Net Zero sustainability mission helps transport operators deliver tangible, climate positive results.

Mobile Worker & Freight

We Reduce Your Operational CO2 Emissions

DriverNet’s core features are designed to minimise mileage and emissions on the road to enable our customers to offer the most eco-friendly operations.

Route Optimisation – Whether it is reducing the mileage for NHS community nurses, or helping small delivery operators deliver more with their resources, we can help businesses reduce the cost, time and environmental impact of day to day operations.

Precision Navigation – By enabling our customers to precisely map customer locations, DriverNet significantly improves final mile navigation accuracy and reduces the emissions and congestion associated with drivers getting lost in the final mile.

We remove paperwork and save power for our customers

DriverNet can guide your business on its digital transformation journey. Switch to cloud based operations and say goodbye to paper trip manifests, pre-trip checks, PODs, debriefs, certificates and documents, posters and printouts.

Not only can we remove the CO2 associated with going paperless, but you will also save the CO2 created by powering the printing, ink cartridges and paper deliveries to your sites.

Paperwork paper less
Car Park Ride Sharing

We enable employees to share cars when commuting to work

Approximately 60% of all journeys to work in the UK are taken by employees commuting alone.

DriverNet’s smart transport management platform can provide businesses with the route planning tools and driver and rider facing apps to coordinate car sharing commutes to places of employment.

Many of our team car shares to work whenever possible, and when twinned with allowing our employees to work remotely as much as possible, we save over 2000 return commutes per year, as well as help non drivers secure employment with us.

Get in touch if you would like a free report on what carbon savings can be made by smarter commuting using DriverNet

We help offset carbon emissions by planting trees for our customers

Working with our partner Earthly, we plant five Mangrove sea trees on behalf of every user our customers register, helping fleet operators offset their ICE emissions.

Mangrove forests store 5x more CO2 than tropical rainforests, enabling our customers to wipe out their carbon impact more efficiently. And when a customer signs up to a long term partnership, we will plant the full amount of trees at the start of the term. So your business gets the full offsetting benefits from the start.

Did you know? Every mangrove planted on your behalf also provides sustainable employment, protects residents from sea level rise and storm surges and helps create critical habitat for threatened species.
Boat tour on Rung Sac Military, Can Gio, Vietnam

See more about our partners Earthly at

Mangrove Pool
Truck & Stack of Paper

We calculate your current CO2 footprint & potential CO2 savings

We benchmark the current CO2 footprint of your paper based operations or the collective impact of employees commuting to work alone in their cars.

We can also project the potential CO2 savings your business can make by switching to paperless operations or by enabling employees to travel to work together.

Our calculations additionally factor in the carbon you will offset when we plant mangrove trees on your behalf.

For example, if you register 500 users over five years, we plant 12,500 trees up front, meaning the total carbon sequestration is at least 15,000 tonnes over the life of the mangrove forest.

Get in touch now for your free report showing the carbon savings your business can make with DriverNet.

We promote the use of Electric vehicles and EV operators.

Whether it’s providing our technology for free to E Cargo bike delivery companies in their early stages, or winning climate change grants from local authorities to purchase E Cargo bikes for local business trials.

We are committed to promoting the use of EVs and modal shift in the transport industry, and also use a hybrid testing vehicle in our own operations too.

If you are an E Cargo bike fleet operator just starting up, get in touch with us for a free trial.

E-cargo Bikes
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Motorways busy & quiet

Vision 2025 : Eliminating Empty Running

We are committed to thinking big to solve the huge challenges faced by the transport industry and their impact on our planet.

During 2020, UK HGV’s travelled 16.4 billion vehicle miles, of which 3 billion, approximately 20% were empty, a figure which has remained roughly the same over twenty years despite the increasing number of freight exchanges on the market.

Our long term vision will see the introduction of DNX, the DriverNet Exchange, a free online service matching loads to empty vehicles and unlock the latent capacity of empty HGVs across the UK and Europe.

Sign up to hear more about how you can become involved, get in touch if you are an investor in clean tech, transport or mobility & are interested in working with us to achieve this vision.