SEN & School Transport

One user-friendly solution to seamlessly manage transport operations, driver admin, improve & digitalise passenger experiences.

End-to-end management of complex SEN school transport operations

Plan, edit, dispatch & track teams of drivers, and assistants, whilst providing a fully connected passenger experience for all customers.

Coordinating transport for Mainstream Schools & Colleges

Provide pupils, parents, students, and staff with safe & real-time journey tracking for closed-door schools and college bus services.

image courtesy of Brighton college

Supervising route operations for Independent Schools & Colleges

Improve commuting experience to schools and colleges, providing passengers with safer routes & real-time journey tracking.

Automating Passenger Assistants workflow

Upgrade your employees’ day-to-day operations allowing them to have more time to look after improving the experience for all customers.

Optimising operational processes for Taxi operators

Boost your planning processes with our dynamic rota; enhance communications with internal message channels and improve passenger experience with SMS notifications.

Improving daily operations for Specialist Schools

Build up a better commuting experience for schools, providing passengers and parents with real-time journey tracking and SMS notifications.

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