Education Transport

DriverNet is a smart transport management system that simplifies school bus and passenger operations.

DriverNet connects schools, colleges and fleet operators to parents and pupils, providing all the services required in one user-friendly platform to seamlessly manage day-to-day operations.


Pupils, Students, Parents, and Staff can live track the school bus in real-time.


Fleet operators, education support staff, and drivers can send messages and updates.

Passenger Experience

Improve passenger experiences, for students, pupils, and parents


The DriverNet system is available for the low monthly cost to parents, schools or colleges


The DriverNet system provides Secure Data and Communication channels


The DriverNet transport management system provides time status on all bus routes

Case Study: School Transport

Coordinating transport for schools and colleges

DriverNet partnered with the college to demonstrate how the management portal can be used to live track their buses; a user-facing app would enable students to both watch the bus journey in real-time, while also having the ability to check in with a digital bus pass.

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